Well Seasoned For A Reason

Sebastian having served over 14 years in kitchen operations and progressed into 
Sous chef and Executive chef/Chef-de-cuisine roles for the past five years with continued success in meeting business/operational goals and mentoring young chefs in my brigade, I have had the privilege to contribute in  rewarding roles . 

I have always wanted to share  all those valuable lessons learn't over the years  by  communicating , teaching and mentoring future  chefs in this amazing industry.I have had the opportunity to work with some of the leading chefs in the industry throughout Australasia along with some high- profile restaurants and businesses. This keeps me in good stead to draw on real experiences

Putting together recipes, techniques and cooking fundamentals that  might be of help to  any desiring cook will be my driving force .

Through my stories and research I want to offer my mantra on how to manage staff. Along the way hands-on tips from the stove will be an added bonus .Chefs are artists and expression of an inbuilt creative streak that  manifests itself on the outside.

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