Lavasalt Artisan Infused Salts was created in 2015 solely as a passion to elevate flavour and mouth feel. With the right amount of seasoning, food begins to speak to the senses in incredible ways.

My infused salts adds that X factor, making a plate of food more complete and well rounded.

As a chef, I have always believed in creating flavours that have a long lasting sensory experience.

These salts have been hand made in small batches with care and a deep sense of respect for the creative skills I have learnt over the years.

The smokey flavours of Lavasalt products is perfect on salads, seafood including meats and desserts. Add them to your favourite recipe and I can assure you that your dish will look and taste great 


Smoking salts adds a unique and aromatic flame-grilled touch to your dishes. Depending on what kind of smokey flavour you’re wanting, from extra bold to sweet….the smokiness makes a simple dish, lift to a beautiful work of art, fit for anyone's tastebuds.

All of my ideas have come from years of trying to made a dish more tastier with salt.
Get the correct seasoning and you are well on your way to flavour land.






Chatpata is also known as the magical spice, used in savoury snacks that can be served from food carts. This is also known as Indian umami.

Chatpata salts are ideal for starters and savouries with an Indian twist. Lightly smoked, this salt can be very good for those that want a salt with a unique taste and a punch of flavour

Great on potatoes, cheese and veggiesSmoked Chatpata salt. A light sprinkle will lift even the humble potato.


Smoked Lemon Chilli Salt

Made in small batches with real lemon and chilli flakes, you will be absolutely addicted to our smoked Lemon Chilli Salt. This incredible salt will brighten up your meals with its bold, amazing aroma and fiery character.

Made of pure white salt that is hand-harvested in Australia and naturally dried in the glorious Aussie sun.

It is rich in nutrients and minerals and has a great depth of flavour. The salt is smoked to perfection using oak wood. Perfect on seafood, soups and poultry.


Smoked Vanilla Salt

Made with vanilla bean this Salt is a milder, naturally sweeter version of my Smoked Sea Salt Seasoning. All natural Aussie sea salt paired with vanilla bean and lightly smoked to add a refreshing vanilla flavour. A great all-purpose salt seasoning that adds a unique twist to any dish.

This pairs marvellously with desserts, chocolate chip cookies and macaroons. I have also recently used this salt to coat the rim of a vanilla infused cocktail.


Smoked Shiraz Salt

A one of a kind, beautiful taste of Shiraz with a delicate smokey flavour. All natural Aussie sea salt paired with Australian made Shiraz wine and smoked to add a rich, intense wine flavour. Once the salt is smoked it is aged in oak barrels to solidify its shiraz properties.

A great glamour quotient giving ragouts, pastas and steaks a decadent flavour.

This pairs marvellously with beef steaks, lamb and slow braised dishes. Perfect for the home pantry.

A great gift idea.


Smoked Lavasalt

Activated charcoal is made of compressed chemical free, naturally occurring fine charcoal powder with numerous health benefits. Great for the gut and has incredible cleansing powers. My salts are naturally infused and smoked to enhance flavour.

Smoked Lavasalt is perfect with eggs, steaks and can be used to lift any dish to make it delicious and tasty.

Have you tried my salts on a smashed Avocado toast ?

Great gift idea.


Smoked Tassie Mountain Pepper Salt

Made with Tasmanian bush mountain pepper. Compared to our everyday pepper, mountain pepper has more of a herbal dimension, and packs more of a spicier, sharper, hotter punch. Lightly smoked, this salt is incredibly strong in aroma and flavour, great on steaks , roasted veg and even makes a great infused mountain pepper ice cream.

With potent antioxidants, four times more powerful than the beloved blueberry, which is also linked to helping with Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases.


Smoked Japanese Nori Chilli Salt

This Tokyo inspired salt contains sesame seeds, Togarashi chilli, and Nori seaweed. Easy-to-use condiment perfect as a topping to add a little heat to your Ramen or rice based dishes, meat, fish or an asian inspired salad. Made only with plant-based ingredients and free from additives and artificial flavours. Considered a typical and necessary seasoning for Asian inspired dishes.

All salts are made in small batches to ensure an artisan style taste and flavour. Inspired by the amazing Australian fresh seafood and the streets of Tokyo.


Smoked Hickory BBQ salt

Cold Smoked with hickory wood chips. Smokin delicious !! Enjoy natural smokey flavours in your cooking, without the hard work of managing wood-chips and coal on your grill.

Our Hickory Smoked sea salt flakes are great over BBQ pulled pork, Tex Mex style dishes and a prime cut steak.

All salts are made in small batches to ensure an artisan style taste and flavour. Inspired by the Australian summer for amazing barbecuing experience.

A great additional to your pantry and a perfect gift idea.