Magician and Maverick or simply Mad

Magician and Maverick  or simply Mad

What makes chefs do what they do . Does the dish define them or vice versa .What does my money actually buy ? Is it enough to purchase your favourite,must have meal .The sheer pressure to perform at that level ,day in day out is one remarkable feat.I want to breakdown the mind of the modern chef from inception of a dish to the final execution of the same . There is also a part that is played post execution, to the shared experience of the end user,the intended person through whom evolves a new personification of that creation

A Sensory experience | Beer and Food

A Sensory experience  | Beer and Food

The human eye has an important role in the perception of colour, and this influences our idea of food flavour and a potential beer match 
Sensory analysis takes us past this first response, examining how the food’s properties stimulate each of our senses through:
The appearance of food – using sight, hearing and touch
The flavour of food – using smell and taste
The odour of food – using smell.

All this before we’ve even swallowed a mouthful!. The culinary world has completely evolved to having an acceptance of pairing beer with everything from greasy foods to fine cuisine.When matching beer and food it is critical not to out do each other. Beer and food can be the perfect partners if they complement one another.