CCAV Chef of the Year winner Chef Sebastian Simon, hosts masterclasses which are great visual feasts with a hands on approach to food, qualifying the value of science in cooking.


The journey

It all begins with preparation of the individual ingredients,

learning the secrets of pulling them together, right through to cooking of the finished dishes.

Of course, recipe notes and a personalised Master class certificate will be provided for all participants.

After the Master Class demonstration, the dishes will be served to taste .



I believe that a cooking class must be inviting and a "homely" dining space. my intention is to  combine the warmth and freedom of a home kitchen with simple recipes that are fun and informative. my hope is that this "hands on" approach  will satisfy the most avid foodie, the professional chef and the GOURMET CONNOISSEUR. 

Chef Sebastian simon


 masterclass FOOD GALLERY 



cooking is like a painting or writing a song.just as there are only so many colours and notes ,there are only so many flavours .its how you combine them that sets you apart
— wolfgang puck