Lavasalt works with a diverse range of hospitality businesses, cafes and restaurants .These  projects encompasses a hands on and personalise service, giving the owner cum chef a voice.The approach is underscored by a thorough understanding of the hospitality and cooking  trends, supported by a purposeful  analysis of our client’s nature of work  and market they are in.



Every project is a  beautiful  story waiting to be told

Every project is a beautiful story waiting to be told


We focus on bringing your vision to life by planning and designing the ideal restaurant that meets critical business objectives while keeping your budget in mind. The intention is to make sure that no stone is left unturned and with the amazing pool of specialist and architects, you will feel that being current and relevant is all that we strive for . As a chef for the last 22 years,  it has helped Sebastian in working on not just the bare bones of the business but also the core of that business as well. Designing menus, costings and vendor management are all just phone call away. The promise is not to sugar coat any thing but to look at solutions and effective strategies.



Developing a restaurant strategy is one of the most important steps in the creation & marketing of your brand. In our plan we will craft a unique identity for your brand that will set you apart from the competition & determine your target audience..



This is absolutely crucial to your success in not only raising capital but also in growing a successful business. We create a road map for your business. This business plan creates focus & direction in obtaining & effectively applying resources. Innovative Food & Beverage Consultants help you create a proven strategy to help you grow a successful restaurant business


Every event creates a buzz that resounds with a deafening roar even after the dust has settled. Lavasalt adds that flair and kick ass suave that is needed to make an event a true success . If you are looking to create a trendy hospitality concept,  a food show or even a uber food festival, Lavasalt can provide assistance in chef management, menu design, sourcing of ingredients and a powerful  strategy to make sure the impact is clear and well presented for all parties.

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