Smoked Japanese chilli and Nori


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This Tokyo inspired salt contains sesame seeds, Togarashi chilli, and Nori seaweed. Easy-to-use condiment perfect as a topping to add a little heat to your Ramen or rice based dishes, meat, fish or an asian inspired salad. Made only with plant-based ingredients and free from additives and artificial flavours. Considered a typical and necessary seasoning for Asian inspired dishes.

All salts are made in small batches to ensure an artisan style taste and flavour. Inspired by the amazing Australian fresh seafood and the streets of Tokyo.


Net Weight (GM):

100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1000 gm, 2000 gm



Activated charcoal is made off compressed chemical free, naturally occurring fine charcoal powder with numerous health benefits. Great for the gut and has incredible cleansing powers. My salts are naturally infused and smoked to enhance flavour with this ancient ingredient. Once smoked and aged it creates the perfect activation ready to tease your taste buds. Smoked lavasalt is perfect with eggs, steaks and even grilled vegetables  and can be used to lift any dish to make it delicious and tasty.
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