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Cooking has been my joy and passion since 1996. I was immersed in a cuisine and culture that believed cooking came from the heart. I believe without zeal and belief,  a dish is like planet earth without oxygen. Having served over 16 years in kitchen operations and progressed into Executive Chef/Chef-de-Cuisine roles for the past 8 years, I felt the need to forge a path of teaching and mentoring young chefs in my brigade as well as consult in various sectors of the food industry.

This is why I have had the privilege to be a certified VET work place  assessor and culinary trainer at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary institute, Melbourne, Australia. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the leading chefs in the industry throughout Australasia and represent Australia at AIBX 2020 as chef ambassador for Austrade in various activations for Australian businesses overseas. This keeps me in good stead to draw on real experiences.

As the “Executive Chef of the Year “, Victoria in 2013 I began to develop a  philosophy and approach to cooking as one of creativity and depth of flavour. My specialisations include Australasian cuisine, using indigenous ingredients , street food, molecular gastronomy, vegan, gluten free and modern French cookery.

I want to share those valuable lessons learnt over the years by sharing my recipes, skills and experiences to the enthusiastic culinary cook. Hence why I love collaborating with leading chefs all over the world creating bespoke pop ups and themed culinary events.

Chefs are artists and cooking is an expression of their inbuilt creative streak that manifests itself on a plate


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At Lavasaltconsulting we are always looking to work with your amazing brand and bring your ideas to life. Our delectable dining events are special, memorable and fun. Some of the brands we have worked with are Austrade, Yesyoucan, Burma Burma, Guestronomy and Christian Schools Australia

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Are you looking for assistance with your food product, and don’t have the expertise in this area, then we at LavasaltConsulting can assist you with progressing your idea into a real commercial food product from inception, testing and finally to the finished product on a retail shelf



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