Lavasalt Artisanal Infused Salts was created in 2015 solely as a passion to elevate flavour and mouth feel. With the right amount of seasoning, food begins to speak to the senses in incredible ways.

Our infused cold smoked salts adds that X factor, making a plate of food more complete and well rounded.

As a chef, I have always believed in creating flavours that have a long lasting sensory experience.

These salts have been hand made in small batches with care and a deep sense of respect for the creative skills I have learnt over the years.

The smokey flavours of Lavasalt products is perfect on salads, seafood including meats and desserts. Add them to your favourite recipe and I can assure you that your dish will look and taste great.


Smoking salts adds a unique and aromatic flame-grilled touch to your dishes. Depending on what kind of smokey flavour you’re wanting, from extra bold to sweet….the smokiness makes a simple dish, lift to a beautiful work of art, fit for anyone’s tastebuds. All our salts are cold smoked with Australian native woods and bush herbs.

All of our ideas have come from years of trying to made a dish more tastier with salt.
Get the correct seasoning and you are well on your way to flavour land.


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